5 Steps To Mindfulness

We all find it very difficult to meditate, but ”What is Meditation?” This is a most often used phrase in todays
Life, but rarely understood around the world.
To combat stress,anxiety, and insomnia, only solace is yoga and meditation!

However highly evolved souls or successful we may be, we all go through the grinding of every day life struggles. To start with, we need to first understand how the MIND works.

Our mind is not designed at all to be still, it is like making a wind stop from flowing. It is its nature to flow. And only we can channelize the direction.

As per our ancient text there are five types of thoughts. But we cannot go deeper into today. Lets me tell you the essential secretof MIND.

One has to understand the mind has a natural quality to move from one thought to another, and those thoughts are always either from past or future!

So how do we live in present? The warm up exercise for seamless meditation is to create awareness. It starts by directing your mind to stay in the present.

Be more mindful of the simple things you do in everyday life such as drinking tea, watching nature around you, or anything as simple as observe your steps as you walk on road, smile at beauty of this world.

5 things to do to start your day! These practices are as important as MEDITATION itself. Like I said the mind is a elusive entity to control therefore I am sharing with you simple tips that you can do everyday to ensure mindfulness and peace. Consider these steps to be the warm-up before meditation.

1. Smile
As soon as you wake up.
It is very important to start your day with positive mind affirmations. We all know
“You attract what you think!”

2. Yoga
Do your yoga stretches/guided flow postures as
it is been proven that yoga postures releases the certain tight energy in the center of the body and blocked knots. It improves natural movements of muscles and joints.

3. Mindfulness
Take some time off fromyour daily routine of menu planning, shopping and deadlines.We all think a meditation is just to sit still,but the real problem starts only when we sit to meditate and millions of thoughts from all around the world just bump together in our mind for attention. Sounds familiar right? THIS IS NATURAL! Now don’t think I can never meditate,one baby step at atime.
Start by channelizing the thoughts, observe one by one and be aware of the flow.
Next try to focus on one thought or one image and see how long can stay focused on one image. Even if mind drifts away come back to that same image or thought.

Slowly with practice you will be able to hold your thoughts for longer periods of time.

Then it happens,you experience somewhat stillness within YOU.

You might not become an enlightened like Buddha in one practice but you are at peace.

4. Make a journal
It is important to write down as it keeps you motivated and inspired for smallest achievement you made each day. Also helps you stay more grateful.

5. Regular practice
We have to be consistent in our practice. We cannot do meditation or be mindful once in while and expect to change the way we think. Every thing takes practice!

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