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Academy of Yoga provides Yoga & Wellness classes to health-conscious people in a connected & personalized manner. Certified partner of Yoga Alliance.


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Academy of Yoga provides Corporate Yoga & Meditation classes at your workplace that are a great way to relax, de-stress, increase productivity and bring everyone together to do something fun as a group.

Companies that take care of their employees' mental and physical fitness have higher job satisfaction amongst employees.


What Our Students Are Saying


Anne Sofia

Chitra Reddy


Kavitha J

I had joined yoga class before a one month only. Before joining yoga class I always I feel very lazy and use to feel not having stamina to do my own household work itself. But after going there it was totally changed I can feel the difference and I was very energetic  for the whole day after doing a one hour of yoga. For this a special thanks to my trainer Vaishnevi mam for each and every small thing she use to encourage me and always she use a word DON'T GIVE UP that word means a lot.

Divyalaskshmi Dhanapalan

Yoga was completely a new chapter for me till October 2016. I thought it is going to be physical exercise but our madam has really taught us how to connect our body mind and soul. My flexibility and much increased and my 8 years of cellulite in thighs have gone. All the credit goes to our Vaishnevi madam. Thank you mam

Anisha Elizabeth Celliah

Hi all, Feel great to be a part of this awesome group of lovely ladies who have realised the importance of fitness and health. Thought of sharing my amazing journey with you all. Started my weight loss journey in October 2016 under the awesome guidance of our dear trainer, Viashnevi mam. My Sole reason for such amazing results. I weight 106kgs and remember finding it extremely difficult to even do the most basic workouts that she used to make us do.  But I am so happy to say that hard work always pays. Now my  weight  is 83kgs and have lost a total of 23kgs in 1.5 years. Thank you so much Vaishnevi mam. For everything you helped me achieve. Lots of love and best wishes for abundant blessings on all that you do.

Sujatha Durai

Hi, My name is Sujatha Durai Murugan. I joined yoga class in the month of October. My yoga Trainer is Vaishnevi mam. I enjoy each and every class because we learn a lot every day. My body become so flexible that before. My concentration have improved. My anger is much reduced now. I'm happy and more healthy now. Mind is so relaxed and able to work without and tired. Feels so good to do yoga. All credit goes to our Trainer Vaishnevi . She teaches and explain the benefits of each asana so we understand better and do yoga. She encourage us a lot. Thank you mam.

Nisha Scynthia

Yoga typically means 'union' between the mind, body and spirit and that is the exact benefit I have been getting for the past three months training with our most adored madam Vaishnevi. Flexibility, weight loss are just some extra benefits that we got after training the main thing I have experienced is 'Balance'. Most of the problems we experience be it in body mind or spirit level is due to some kind of imbalance and we can except a healthy happy life only when everything is in 'balance' and actual purpose of yoga is teaching us that definitely that's what you learn when your teacher is an 'Expert' like 'Vaishnevi'.

R. Rajeswari

Perfection of a job is not in the tools but in the hands of the maker! So as, through CD's and books are available , yoga class at academy of yoga is incomplete without VAISHNAVI MAM.  The way she configures each and every class is unique and mind blowing. She is a perfect yoga guru rather than a trainer, because yoga is all about learning different things and not practicing same thing. Each class is a new experience towards fitness. To attain full benefits, just empty your cup and fill it with what she serves! She is right choice to tone yourself physically and mentally!


One of the most important part of my life. Yoga really changes you a lot both mentally and physically. I spend my 1 hr in yoga cls where I wouldn't able to get that much satisfaction anywhere else. Because the main reasons beyond my satisfaction are making body and mind more flexible, which in turn increases ur life span, self confidence, reduces your tension and anger(from my experience) which i needed very badly, some inner soul reaction when we do it, most important thing is helps to improve our concentration skill and for sure weight loss. Better I can say that my life span keep increasing for that 1 hour instead of saying spending my 1 hour in my yoga class. This much satisfaction is impossible without a proper trainer. I'm so lucky to have our Mam Vaishnevi as a yoga trainer

Shobha K

Hi, after joined in the yoga classes(for fitness) my spirit were rejuvenated. Enthusiasm level - it's growing more. No sagging of spirits and comfortable in presentation. Health fitness was really improved. i thank Vaishvevi  mam from the bottom of my heart. She is approachable and motivate us to do exercise well in the right way and taught with the benefits. Found transformation in my physical appearance. I'm feeling Great in my recent pictures.

Dr. Indira Rajan

All of us need to say fit and healthy to have a good self esteem and to feel good about ourselves. This is what we are striving to achieve at our Vaishnevi YOGA class!!!. Our group of lovely girls with NEVER SAY NO attitude trained by an able and enthusiastic VAISHNEVI, gently pushing us little by little from our comfort zone each day, makes us believe and gives our mind a chance to embrace positivity and make the most of our life...I would say YOGA is the best prescription I know!!!


It is extremely essential to stretch, it alleviates pain, muscle soreness, increases flexibility and relaxes your body. Super lucky to have Dr. Vaishnevi a yoga & Pilates maestro here with us today. Thank you so much Dr. Vaishnevi . Yoga of squash is extremely beneficial.  Lots of success to all the summer camp kids.

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