Welcome to Academy of Yoga

Vaishnevi is a Master yoga and pilates teacher who has over 12 years of experience in
holistic health and wellness.


Vaishnevi has completed her Ph.D., and now travels around the world inspiring others through her classes and workshops. She is certified Master yoga teacher from YOGA ALLIANCES INTERNATIONAL has additional certification of Mat Pilates from USA’s most revered teacher based in Washington D.C. She is known to use a fusion of ancient wisdom of yoga and modern techniques to facilitate transformation for her clients. She also specializes in chakra meditation and other calming practices to encourage mind, body, and soul connection. She also works closely with mothers to be in her prenatal yoga sessions to ensure happy and natural deliveries.

Connect with me: info@academyofyoga.in

Our Mission

  • Yoga is suitable for everybody regardless of their age, fitness, religion, gender or belief system.
  • Yoga heals physical, emotional and psychological needs to maintain good health.
  • Yoga  is a path to cope with stresses of life as it is very objective intelligent compared to all other cross-training.
  • It is an ultimate mind body experience, the practitioner will develop a noticeable improvement in their practice with greater flexibility, balance and coordination.
  • Yoga cleanses and purifies the body of all toxins. You feel very relaxed, happy and connect with the inner self, which improves your relationships, career and lifestyle.
  • We focus on proper form and alignment, so you get the most out your workout. We customize your unique fitness class. The secret of our success is the daily routine practice.
  • Our mission is to inspire and motivate every woman and man to practice wellness in life.