While the battle to fight the deadly COVID-19 continues unforeseen trauma and grief have become a part of our lives. Long periods of isolation, less physical activity and stressful working hours have added to affecting our physical and mental health significantly. As much as we talk about hope and heath, taking actions can get difficult alone.

The Academy of Yoga family felt responsible to be by your side and hold your hand to re-create a healthier and calmer version of you bit by bit. We believe in helping as many people in the country and across the globe to build a stronger and balanced system by increasing their holistic immunity.

The "Immunity Boost Package" is an initiative by AOY to guide each one of you in these challenging times on how to keep yourself stronger than ever.

12 Yoga Classes Every Month


Types of Yoga to choose according to your lifestyle:

*Covid Healing Therapy (CHT)
*Yoga for kids
*Inner Chakra Healing/Activation
*Pre/Post Natal Yoga
*Hatha yoga
*Face yoga
*Ashtanga Advanced Yoga
*Yoga nidra
*Mat Pilates

12 classes/month for INR 2999/-

You can write to us on if you have any queries.

Who Can Join?

Anyone! It's open for all!

We have incorporated the best sessions for your well being in our monthly classes.

Choose to walk towards a stronger body, mind and spirit today!



For Rs 2,999/month, you can practice and learn yoga from the comfort of your home!

1. Send us an email on or give us a call on +919952929429 to discuss the class that you want to join

2. Make a payment on Google Pay or via Paypal for INR 2,999

2. Receive access to your Zoom coaching calls!

Join For INR 2,999/mo

Sneak peek of what's inside


With your monthly subscription, you get access to all of our foundational courses. All of these will be available to you in your members area when you subscribe. These courses combined are $500 in value. 

Taking the first step in a journey is the most important step. This introductory module helps you start exploring yourself through yoga.

A series of simple asanas help you prepare your body and mind for a transformation. The flexibility of your body increases as the body strengthens itself while you perform these basic asanas.

This module gives you and insights on the importance of the right body posture and the right way to perform different asanas. Your mind aligns with your physical body creating a sense of harmony in your inner world.

You experience a willingness to transform as you feel happier and healthier throughout the asanas. Get in touch with your inner self, empower your body and uplift your spirits through these powerful asanas.

  • Introduction to Yoga Philosophy
  • Integration of mind body and breath with movement
  • The true essence of Yoga and its benefits
  • Fundamental  asanas to begin with
  • The correct way to practice asanas
  • Modifications using props for different asanas


Can I have a trial or a drop-in class?

If you wish to join for a drop in class you can choose any one category, only for INR 500/- now!

Send us an email and we'll get you started.