200Hrs International Certification Teachers Training Retreat

An Extensive 14 Days In-centre course in Bengaluru, India
With A 200-Level Yoga Certification


This is a uniquely designed advanced Yoga Course for those who aspire to explore the depth of Yoga and its real essence through traditional approaches to experience Yoga in the most authentic form. It is for anyone, anywhere in their journey with Yoga in order to refine their personal practice and progress in all aspects of their lives with more peace. The course level varies from a Beginner Level to an Advanced Trainer Level, to help seekers move at their own paces!

Become a certified Yoga Guru and train people across the globe!

Yoga means union of the body, the mind, and the soul across the physical, physiological and psychological levels.

Yoga is a journey of self-exploration and understanding the true essence of your being, in through your body, mind, soul by the power of Asanas (Poses) and Dhyana(Meditation).

Do these questions often come to your mind?

1.     What is the perfect course of action as a human?

2.      How to know if we are on the right track?

3.      How to deal with the consequences of our actions?

4.      What happens when the action becomes a powerful one?

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali can give answers to all these questions and many more like these. These Sutras are all about the Mind, its philosophy, and functionality. Basically, it is an intricate study of the Human Mind, its evolution, conditioning, and transition over thousands of our existence.

The essence of Yoga:

Yoga is essentially a process of unraveling and understanding the evolvement of the human mind over the years and looking deep within the mind to seek answers for oneself.

It is a journey of healing oneself through a better understanding of their mind, body, and soul. The first step is to be aware that “WE ARE SUFFERING” followed by accepting it. The next step is to understand and analyze the cause of suffering. This should be followed by the readiness to let go of the suffering and consciously implement steps to feel free of the suffering sooner and in a better manner.

Course Details

Course Duration: 14 Days

Certification: 200 Level Certificates from Yoga Alliance International (YAI) (Recognised Globally)

Please give us a call or write to us on info@academyofyoga.in for price & batch details. 


  1. Full board accommodation in double-occupancy rooms
  2. Vegetarian  meals; breakfast lunch and dinner


  1. All training resources and materials
  2. Training Completion Certificate
  3. Training handbook

Registration: Please email on info@academyofyoga.in or sign up at the bottom of the page

Location: Academy of Yoga Retreat, Nandi Hills Road, Bangalore - 562110

Nearest Airport: Bangalore International Airport (BLR) - 20 minutes drive from the Airport

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Upon Completion, candidates will receive 200 Level Certificates from Yoga Alliance International (YAI)  which certifies you to teach confidently any where in the world.

200 Level Yoga Alliance International Certificate + Teachers Training Certificate from Academy of Yoga

Required books & teaching manuals

Training handbook

Please get in touch before making any payments directly as these courses are availability based. 

Pay in INR | INR 99,999

Pay in Euros | 1300 Euros