Yoga Classes


Yoga therapy deals with yogic anatomy, Yogic physiology, Yogic psychology, pathology according to modern science, Yogic methodology of examination and diagnosis, Yogic tools and its principles of application and so on.

We understand that each body is unique and individualized. It uses the deep science of yoga therapy given in our ancient texts in the most appropriate method. It is perfect solution in today world to heal people with wide a range of health problems.

Our program contains:

  • Principle and practice of yoga therapy
  • Yoga for Backpain
  • Yoga for Hypertension
  • Yoga for obesity
  • Yoga for and stress management
  • Yoga for Diabetes Mellitus
  • Yoga for the first, second and third trimester of pregnancy
  • Yogic diet and Ayurveda

Start a new life more healthy and happy.

Cost (per session for 60 minutes)

For in studio:
  • Yoga Classes – INR 1,500
  • 1 month package: $150/mo | INR 10,000


3 months package: $450