Meditation Classes


Meditation is a very simple tool to be aware of ourselves. There is often a conflict between inner needs and external struggles. Meditation is like bridge to connect our inner self with our own external surroundings. Everything starts with and result in action. Our relationships, career and well-being is based on our perception. Meditation helps you to see infinite happiness, bliss and peace which is beyond.

Chakra meditation is unique 40 minutes meditation focusing on each chakra (energy center) our energy gets blocked with insecurities, stress, emotions like anger, relationship issues and fears. Meditating on each chakra helps us to cleanse and purifies our physiological energy body. Meditation gives you joy of fully being aware living in now.

Types of meditation to choose from,
  • Chakra meditation/kundilini
  • Yoga nidra
  • Mindfulness
  • Mantra meditation
Cost (per session for 60 minutes. For in-studio & online)
  • Meditation- Rs.1200
Cost (per session for 40 minutes. For in-studio & online)
  • Meditation- Rs.900