What is Parenting? (For parents with children above 18)

As parents we want the best for our children, we want to protect them and guide them at every step of their life because we don’t want them to make the mistakes we did, or perhaps we are so deeply connected through our unconditional love that even the thought of our child in the slightest pain can leave us feeling miserable.

But what happens when the little human you created as an entity is no longer little? They too make mistakes, go through pain and evolve. This the most natural journey of every soul on this beautiful earth almost just as natural as you giving birth to them. But very often we see or may ourselves be parents that do not allow another soul to not experience their journey. Do realise that your child is a soul of it own, with its own karma. This karma is independent of your bringing up and attachment.

I know it is easier said than done, how do you stay detached to something that was once a part of you?

You first begin to understand the concept of karma and evolvement. We are not born on this earth for nothing. Each living thing has a purpose higher than itself. And no matter what, that living being will not be fulfilled until its true purpose has been achieved. And during this process of achieving our true purpose we all have to go through the cycle of KARMA. The ultimate cycle of mankind. Parents be fore warned It is an inevitable. So you may be able to protect your child in a few instances through controlling methods. Next time you feel his the thing you want to protect your child from the most which is “PAIN & SUFFERING” just remember these lines “This birth is for you to evolve, and even God himself cannot stop a soul from achieving you higher purpose.” So parents, we are simply merger souls going through our own karma and journey of a purpose. Please refrain from trying to protect every problem, pain, and suffering. Firstly It is not humanly possible and secondly the power to stop KARMA hasn’t been created yet. When it has been, then lets talk!

Till then stay sane, stay happy! When it all gets too overwhelming just remember it is not pain it is evolvement. And find joy by achieving your own true purpose. And stop complicating the little happinesses, joys and the little time we have on earth!


Dr. Vaishnevi, Ph. D

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